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Prion Proteins

Top Curr Chem. 2011;305:ix-x. No abstract available.

Publication Date: 2011
Type of Publication: Book chapter / Editorial material
In this book Jörg Tatzelt assembled a set of chapters highlighting various aspects of prion diseases in humans and animals which show the intriguing features of both physiological and pathogenic PrP conformers.

In addition, a wide spectrum of methodological approaches are described, ranging from in silico, chemical, and in vitro approaches to animal models, to illustrate the elaborate and extensive technology established in the prion field, allowing the analysis of disease mechanisms and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Finally, the reviews on shadoo, doppel and yeast prions emphasize that certain features and activities of the prion protein can also be found in other proteins and that the phenomenon of self-replicating protein conformers can be of broader biological significance.

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