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MicroRNA-132 dysregulation in schizophrenia has implications for both neurodevelopment and adult brain function

Journal: PNAS February 6, 2012

Authors/Editors: Miller BH
Zeier Z
Xi L
Lanz TA
Deng S
Strathmann J
Willoughby D
Kenny PJ
Elsworth JD
Lawrence MS
Roth RH
Kleiman RJ
Wahlestedt C
Publication Date: 2012
Type of Publication: Journal Article

We discovered that a microRNA (miR-132) that is reduced in brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease (Cogswell JP et al, J. Alzheimers. Dis. 2008) is also downregulated in schizophrenia patients. Several target genes of miR-132 (including DNMT3A, GATA2, and DPYSL3) exhibited altered expression either during normal neurodevelopment or in tissue from adult schizophrenic subjects.


Interestingly, we had previously shown, that inhibiting miR-132 impairs ocular dominance plasticity, a classical learning paradigm (Mellios et al, Nat Neuroscience 2011).

This may also contribute to the detrimental effect of miR-132 dysregulation in cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

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