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The polysaccharide scaffold of PrP 27-30 is a common compound of natural prions and consists of alpha-linked polyglucose

Biol Chem 386(11): 1149-55

Authors/Editors: Dumpitak C
Beekes M
Weinmann N
Metzger S
Winklhofer KF
Riesner D
Publication Date: 2005
Type of Publication: Journal Article
An inert polysaccharide scaffold identified as a 5-15% component of prion rods (PrP 27-30) is unambiguously distinguishable from the N-glycosyl groups and the GPI anchor of PrP, and consists predominantly of 1,4-linked glucose with some branching via 1,4,6-linked glucose. We show that this polysaccharide scaffold is a common secondary component of prions found in hamster full-length PrP(Sc), prion rods and in mouse ScN2a prions from cell culture. The preparation from prion rods was improved, resulting in a polysaccharide scaffold free of remaining infectivity. Furthermore, we determined the stereochemistry of the glycoside linkages as pre-dominantly if not entirely alpha-glycosidic. The origin of the polysaccharide, its interaction with PrP and its potential relation to glycogen and corpora amylacea are discussed.

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