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A critical function of the pial basement membrane in cortical histogenesis

J Neurosci 22(14): 6029-40

Authors/Editors: Halfter W
Dong S
Yip YP
Willem M
Mayer U
Publication Date: 2002
Type of Publication: Journal Article
Mice with a targeted deletion of the nidogen-binding site of laminin gamma1 were used to study the function of the pial basement membrane in cortical histogenesis. The pial basement membrane in the mutant embryos assembled but was unstable and disintegrated at random segments. In segments with a disrupted basement membrane, radial glia cells were retracted from the pial surface, and radially migrating neurons, including Cajal-Retzius cells and cortical plate neurons, passed the meninges or terminated their migration prematurely. By correlating the disruptions in the pial basal lamina with changes in the morphology of radial glia cells, the aberrant migration of Cajal-Retzius cells, and subsequent dysplasia of cortical plate neurons, the present data establish a causal relationship of proper cortical histogenesis with the presence of an intact pial basement membrane.

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