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Production of amyloid-beta-peptide by cultured cells: no evidence for internal initiation of translation at Met596

Neurobiol Aging 14(6): 571-3

Authors/Editors: Citron M
Haass C
Selkoe DJ
Publication Date: 1993
Type of Publication: Journal Article
It has been suggested that the A beta fragment of the amyloid precursor protein in Alzheimer's disease arises from internal translation initiation at Met596 (1). Here we use the recently described in vitro model of A beta production and secretion (2) to examine this hypothesis. We show that A beta is no longer detectable when the beta APP reading frame is destroyed by introduction of frame shift mutations that leave the A beta coding region intact. This result strongly suggests that internal initiation at Met596 does not contribute significantly to the amount of A beta observed.

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