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The Drosophila PROS-28.1 gene is a member of the proteasome gene family

Gene 90(2): 235-41

Authors/Editors: Haass C
Pesold-Hurt B
Multhaup G
Beyreuther K
Kloetzel PM
Publication Date: 1990
Type of Publication: Journal Article
In the present communication, we report the identification of a new gene family which encodes the protein subunits of the proteasome. The proteasome is a high-Mr complex possessing proteolytic activity. Screening a Drosophila lambda gt11 cDNA expression library with the proteasome-specific antibody N19-28 we isolated a clone encoding the 28-kDa No. 1 proteasome protein subunit. In accordance with the nomenclature of proteasome subunits in Drosophila, the corresponding gene is designated PROS-28.1, and it encodes an mRNA of 1.1 kb with an open reading frame of 249 amino acids (aa). Genomic Southern-blot hybridization shows PROS-28.1 to be a member of a family of related genes. Analysis of the predicted aa sequence reveals a potential nuclear targeting signal, a potential site for tyrosine kinase and a potential cAMP/cGMP-dependent phosphorylation site. The aa sequence comparison of the products of PROS-28.1 and PROS-35 with the C2 proteasome subunit of rat shows a strong sequence similarity between the different proteasome subunits. The data suggest that at least a subset of the proteasome-encoding genes belongs to a family of related genes (PROS gene family) which may have evolved from a common ancestral PROS gene.

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