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Research Video Profile

Alzheimer Treatment at the University of Munich

In 2006 we produced a research video profile together with the "LMU UnterrichtsMitschau" team.

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Production notes & Filmmakers

Produced by

  • Christian Haass
  • Alexander Kraeutler

Directed and edited by

  • Martin H. Schmitt

Director of Photography

  • Berthold Schweiz

Camera Assistants

  • Korbinian Müller
  • Tim Tengler

Graphic Animations

  • Dennis Spitzhorn


  • Dominik Schott

Graphic Animations

  • Dennis Spitzhorn

With special thanks to

  • Prof. Hans Jürgen Möller, Department of Psychiatry
  • LMU München
  • DFG - German Research Foundation
  • Co-workers of the Laboratory for Neurodegenerative Disease Research
  • Prof. Dr. Haass mentors: Prof. Dr. K. Beyreuther and Prof. Dr. D. Selkoe

Responsible for content: Prof. Dr. Christian Haass; LMU Unterrichtsmitschau