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General concept of the DZNE-Munich

The DZNE-Munich was founded in September 2009 with the idea to strengthen and increase the existing research efforts of both Universities (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, LMU; Technical University Munich, TUM) in the fields of neurobiology and neurodegeneration.

Professor Haass was assigned as the speaker of the DZNE Munich. To provide optimal research conditions the state of Bavaria decided to set up a new research building (CSD - Center for Stroke and Dementia research) on the high-tech campus of the LMU.

CSD building

Model of the new CSD research building, integrated in the high tech campus of the LMU Munich in Großhadern

This new research building will not only host all Munich-based DZNE groups but will be complemented by the entire Department of Biochemistry headed by Professor Haass. Moreover, the LMU received a major endowment for stroke and dementia research. This enabled the Medical Faculty to set up a new Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD), which will have approximately the same number of faculty as the DZNE-Munich. The ISD is headed by Professor Dichgans. Both institutes, the DZNE and the ISD, as well as the Department of Biochemistry will be integrated into the new research building.

This opens up completely novel interdisciplinary research strategies reaching from biophysics to patient oriented research. Thus the DZNE-Munich is extremely strengthened by its integration into a large interdisciplinary institute. Moreover, the Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (Synergy) provides an optimal platform for collaborative research and recruitment.

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