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Mass spec course

20th – 24th of October 2008


The graduate students of the SFB596 program had the opportunity to attend a mass spectrometry course, led by Prof. Axel Imhof, Dr. Ignasi Forné and Dr. Lars Israel from the Center for Protein analysis (ZfP). Besides attending the very interesting lectures given by Axel and Ignasi, the students explored the different mass spec techniques available within the SFB596 core facility. The aim of the course was to learn which experiments are addressable with mass spec and – dependent on the biological question – which technique might be best for the analysis. The graduate students also discovered which pitfalls have to be avoided to have a clear mass spec readout. After the exhausting analysis of a complete proteome, the participants and supervisors were happy to discuss the results with some beers.

Many thanks to Axel, Ignasi and Lars for having us in this extraordinary course!


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