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DFG ScienceTV video "Search for a Cure" now on LMU on iTunes U



LMU Munich offers a broad spectrum of audio and video podcasts on iTunes U – Apple’s online education portal – for free. At “LMU on iTunes U”, LMU’s multimedia offers are bundled for the first time and can easily be stored on any computer or portable audio or video device. Users can subscribe to these podcasts that are being constantly expanded.

The diverse offers reflect the profile of a true “universitas”, ranging from interesting lectures and current research results, to rare manuscripts and prints covering more than 500 years of university history, to innovative VJ remixes from today’s life on campus.

The newest video added to LMU on iTunes is "Search for a Cure", one of our films from the DFG ScienceTV project. 

Responsible for content: Prof. Dr. Christian Haass